For me as a businessperson, it is very difficult to decide what is the most effective way to stay healthy. But I have to take care of myself because I have many factors to become sick. For example, I eat a lot and often become overweight, so I'm a potential diabetic. My grandfather suffered from the disease. And my mother has a family history of cancer. These genetic factors often make me very nervous.

However, it is a fact that I have to do something to lead a healthy life and being overweight is not only bad for the health but also for my appearance. So I have been jogging for 3 years to lose weight, which was about 100 kilogrammes at its highest (8 years ago). And I limited the amount of carbohydrate or sugar at night, which resulted in a drastic decrease in my weight. My weight decreased to 69 kilo gramms at the lowest.

But I didn't feel good at the time I was lightest in my life because I was short of energy and my motivation for daily activities got lower and lower. Then for the first time I saw a doctor and asked for advice. He pointed out that rapid changes in my weight could shorten my life. He suggested that I should do moderate exercise and eat three times a day and shouldn't do anything to extremes.

Eating and exercising moderately seem to be natural for us, but I find it very difficult unexpectedly. I am now 80 kilogrammes and therefore I am obviously overweight, so I'll do my best by doing natural activities.