I've made up my mind!

I've made up my mind to ride a horse this weekend!

This is to motivate myself to face all the challenges around me such as going to driving school.

Sometimes I forget what my life priorities are because everything is overshadowed by the business of daily living. I keep forgetting them these days and I'm afraid I'll lose my mental stability if this goes on.

So I need to overcome such crushing frustration somehow.

And the answer for me is inevitably to ride a horse. How refreshing it would be to take a new look sitting on a horse!

Of course my performance would be very bad, but at least I would see a horse face to face and communicate with it. It would be a revolutionary epoch for me.

This means saying good-bye to indoor weekends!

I'll take some riding lessons and take an examination for the beginner license for horse riding.

I'll do my best to return from the riding school alive.

For me as a businessperson, it is very difficult to decide what is the most effective way to stay healthy. But I have to take care of myself because I have many factors to become sick. For example, I eat a lot and often become overweight, so I'm a potential diabetic. My grandfather suffered from the disease. And my mother has a family history of cancer. These genetic factors often make me very nervous.

However, it is a fact that I have to do something to lead a healthy life and being overweight is not only bad for the health but also for my appearance. So I have been jogging for 3 years to lose weight, which was about 100 kilogrammes at its highest (8 years ago). And I limited the amount of carbohydrate or sugar at night, which resulted in a drastic decrease in my weight. My weight decreased to 69 kilo gramms at the lowest.

But I didn't feel good at the time I was lightest in my life because I was short of energy and my motivation for daily activities got lower and lower. Then for the first time I saw a doctor and asked for advice. He pointed out that rapid changes in my weight could shorten my life. He suggested that I should do moderate exercise and eat three times a day and shouldn't do anything to extremes.

Eating and exercising moderately seem to be natural for us, but I find it very difficult unexpectedly. I am now 80 kilogrammes and therefore I am obviously overweight, so I'll do my best by doing natural activities.

April is known as the season of cherry blossom in Japan. And almost all Japanese people forget having a lot of snow a couple of months ago. The photo my mother sent to me yesterday, however, shows that nobody in my hometown can forget about it even in April. My hometown, Kitami, is located in the east of Hokkaido and has much snow every winter. It seems that winter has passed and it is rare to see snow at the end of April. I feel very, very sorry for my mother that she has to shovel snow. At the same time I feel happy to live in an area in which it rarely snows.
Today I took a paid holiday. How great that we can take a holiday on weekdays! But on that particular occasion I woke up many hours late. Also today I got up at 3 pm. The only thing that was good was that I could register my residency in the district that I live in, for I hadn't been able to register myself here although I moved here 3 years ago. We have to plan everything ahead.